This is the Final Project for STA 523 (2019 Fall).

This is a group project where four of us put together a music app with four gadgets, including music search by artist, genre, lyrics analysis using NLP techniques and music recommendation based on peronality test.

Refer to here for the shiny app, and this repo for the codes.


This was the second R shiny project for me. I remember there was some time between this project and Exam 2 that when I started thinking about this, I already can’t quite remember what I did with the last one. But still it was much easier to get started. I worked on the User Manual and Musician tabs in this shiny app. Basically I built it on top of the experience from the last project, and learned a few new tools along the way.

Our group name is Pacific because all of us come from Asia Pacific, despite one of us is from India and I don’t think India has anything to do with the Pacific Ocean. But anyway, none of us had the extra energy to be creative during the final exam period.

What I miss the most about this project is actually the time with friends. We didn’t get to discuss much during those brain-frying weeks, but the sense of working alongside someone whom I trust and like, is reassuring. As an extreme introvert, I treasure the time, however little that is, spent with people I like and feel comfortable with. And I’ve always felt lucky to have worked on this project with these few interesting souls.

One technical issue at the time of project submission was, whenever I deploy the shiny app, the DataTable in the Lyrics - WORD CLOUD tab wouldn’t work properly. However, it works if others deploy it (without any change to the codes). Because of this, I had to wake up my groupmate at 7am on the submission day. While it’s a fun memory now, I’m sure it was a true\(\cdot\)nightmare for my poor friend. Somehow, magically, I found that this is no longer an issue when I deployed it just now on the shiny server. So the mystery was forever left in December 2019.